Free Unwanted Christmas Trees
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About FUCT

If you're like most American's this year you'll venture into the frozen wilderness weilding an axe or saw to procure a Christmas Tree for your living room. Perhaps you'll drive down to the modern day slave auction that is the boyscout christmas tree stand to poke and search for that perfect tree. All the while you'll be trying to convince yourself that you aren't an oppressive butcher. Well you are.

It's not really your fault, it's the fault of the American education system. It's the fault of our fat cat politicians, unwilling to be the first to approach such a sensitive, dangerous subject. Polite society doesn't speak of it, the media never mentions it and so the American Evergreen has gone without a champion. Until now.

Free Unwanted Christmas Trees or FUCT, was formed in the year 2000 in the hopes that the new millenium would witness the abolishment of Green Slavery. We know it won't happen overnight, the opposition is enormous. But with your help our children will live in a land where freedom isn't just for some.

Our numbers are few, our influence is small, but our dreams are as big as the Giant Sequoia. One day history books will acknowledge the incredible contributions evergreens have provided throughout history. One day the shackles and chains of brightly colored lights will be broken. One day evergreen seedlings will sit in classrooms alongside white children. We need your help today, to ensure these dreams become reality tomorrow.

You can help by sponsoring a tree, donating time or money, or just by helping us raise awareness. Write your congressmen, write your newspaper, spray paint inspirational messages on overpasses. Whatever you do, don't go on pretending conifer oppression doesn't exist. You can make a difference.